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What if you never had to write another word to market your business?

You’re busy running your business. Whether you love writing or hate it (still getting flashbacks from that mean English teacher who red-inked you nearly to tears?), here’s the truth:


You can’t afford to write your own content.


Unless you’re a professional writer (in which case, why are you here?) – you don’t make money by writing for your business. You make money by selling your products and services and taking excellent care of your customers.

So, if you’re not doing the writing, how do you get the content you need to grow your business? Outsource it, of course.


As you start evaluating outsourced content writing services, here are some questions you should ask:


  • Where do the writers live? The only answer you want to hear is that they’re all US-based. You can find shockingly cheap writers around the globe, but if you want content that’s a pleasure to read, it must be written by native US English speakers.
  • How will the writer get the information needed to write well? An experienced writing team has developed a series of questionnaires that make it easy to get at the heart of what separates your business from every other company in your niche.
  • What about SEO? Will Google like this new content? Or hate it? Make sure the content creation team you hire has long-term experience with online marketing. You don’t want a writer who uses SEO tactics from years ago (or even from last year – this stuff changes all the time!). An excellent writer can engage your human readers and also please the search engines so that your company’s search engine results page ranking improves every time you publish.
  • Beyond grammar and spelling, does the writer have training and experience in writing for marketing purposes? It’s not enough to string words together. Content marketing should get results – otherwise, why would you spend money on it? Your writing team should be able to produce marketing content that attracts ideal prospects, engages them so that they enjoy learning about what makes your company great, and then nudges those readers to take the next step toward a buying decision.

Website Content Writing

Shocker: Your Website Copy Should Not Be About You!

Effective website copy is all about your ideal customer. What problem do they have that you can solve? How are you uniquely qualified to best meet their needs? Why is doing business with you be the best move they could possibly make?

Writing content for website marketing can be tricky – especially if it’s your website. The text should appeal to human visitors and the search engines at the same time, effectively attracting, engaging, and converting your prospects into buyers. Working with a US-based website content writer specifically trained to write compelling copy is the way to go.

Blogging Services

Blogging: Sounds Fun… Until You Do It.

Blogging on a regular basis will do wonders for expanding your online presence. Of course, if you try doing it yourself, you’ll spend all your time writing (or procrastinating writing) and no time doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

That’s why so many businesses go searching for blogging ghostwriters for hire. A professional blogger can communicate to your ideal buyer, in your voice, with your message – and help you publish a constant stream fresh content on your website.


White Papers & Special Reports

Newsflash: If You Bore Them, They’ll Hate You.

White papers (B2B) and special reports (B2C) can be highly effective tools in your sales process. But only if they’re written to be an engaging and enjoyable read that prompts your prospect to take the next step.

Most white papers are excellent at accomplishing one thing: Putting readers to sleep. They’re written to the wrong audience instead of nailing the decision makers at the right spot of the sales funnel, giving them the information they need. The goal is to set your company’s offering apart and position it as the only sane choice for your ideal buyer.


Press Releases

The Key to Worldwide Domination

Online press releases not only share your big news, they’re also a great way to catch the attention of your prospects, build your online reputation, position you as a leader in your industry, and outshine your competitors.

Regularly publishing press releases also helps to build a hedge of protection around your company’s online reputation, making it harder for trolls to take you down. Of course, coming up with story angles and actually getting your press releases written and distributed regularly is reason enough to hand off this task to your writing team.

Our clients love working with Triumph because they know outsourced content creation services save them time and money and make it more likely they’ll benefit from the power of content marketing.

Plus, we free them from the tyranny of the pen. You know the feeling. You keep hearing “Content is King!” – but you’d kind of like to dethrone that king and send him into exile.

It’s not that you can’t write; in fact, you’re probably pretty good at writing. Many of our clients are excellent writers. It’s just that writing about your own business is a totally different matter. All of a sudden, if you manage to come up with any words at all, they sound stupid, stuffy, stiff, or salesy. You sit there staring at your screen… and you’ve got nothing.

We get it – and we get you. More importantly, we get your target market – and we can write to them in a way that makes them eager to do business with you.

Unless you get paid to write, you probably shouldn’t spend your time writing. After all, you’ve got a thousand other tasks on your priority list, tasks that will produce income in your business. Partnering with outsourced website content writing services like Triumph Communications takes the pain out of content marketing and frees you up to make the highest, best use of your time.


Outsourced Content Creation Services

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