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July 2014 Volume 4, Issue 7


How Do Brains Go Shopping?

Impulse buying is a crime of passion, a flight of fancy, dictated by the heart and characterized by a temporary loss of control. It’s not how most people shop, though. Many buyers feel the guilt of an indulgence made without any of their usual forethought or careful consideration. It’s the deviation from the norm, especially when it comes to online shopping where so many purchases are carefully researched before the actual transaction takes place. Prices are compared, deals are hunted. When the brain goes shopping, it wants information that will help it make a logical, practical decision.

Providing information content in your web marketing is a solid strategy, because it appeals to the realist in potential shoppers. Online buyers will be looking to collect research before they make a decision, but too much information is dry, and a total turn-off.

Remember, connecting with a market audience is centered on reinforcing your story and your brand identity. The numbers matter, but don’t lose sight of the big picture and risk isolating your market audience.

Guilt-Free Spending

SUSAN3Prospective buyers want to be informed before they commit to a certain service or product – so providing information as a leading expert in your industry can be an effective way to increase sales and create confidence in the authority of your brand.

But as always, it’s about presentation. Even though your target market wants to make an informed decision, that doesn’t mean they want to be inundated with hard data or boring figures. Connecting with a market by providing information can be challenging for a couple reasons. Information is technical and doesn’t usually make for an engaging pitch.

Capitalize on the rationale of savvy shoppers with helpful tips and knowledge, but don’t forget that buying a product is more appealing when people feel engaged or connected to the company.

Information Meets Emotion

Brand based marketing provides the emotional satisfaction for many customers who have done their research and are ready to commit to a certain product or service. Just because a decision is driven by sensible logic doesn’t mean it’s completely devoid of emotion. The heart wants to buy what the heart wants to buy, and the mind is there to justify the purchase. Give your marketing campaign a balance that will appeal to the way the brain shops but also satisfies the emotional part of every shopping experience.

Marketing Holidays for August

  1.  Raspberry Cream Pie Day
  2. Friendship Day
  3. U.S. Coast Guard Day
  4. Work Like a Dog Day
  5.  Wiggle Your Toes Day
  6. National Lighthouse Day
  7. Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day
  8. Book Lover’s Day
  9. Senior Citizen’s Day
  10. National Dog Day

What specials, deals, and packages can you create with these events in mind?


3 Tips For Getting More Shares

The secret to smart web marketing is making it work for you, to maximize the visibility of your content, product, and services.

  • Social sharing is the hot button to add. The option to share content should be convenient for visitors.
  • Integrate your platforms. Creating a convenient pathway between your social media, your website, your blog, and any other content platforms will make it easy to keep visitors engaged and connected.
  • Short and sweet. Online platforms help audiences interact with and share relevant content, but it works best if the content is small and digestible.

Start growing your online marketing audience today with more interactions, engagement, and shares.
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How To Build An Iron-Clad Network

Networking is a pivotal stepping-stone to success in many different parts of life, both personal and professional. Engaging with colleagues and industry players can help facilitate communication, growth, and progress. Some of the best tips for building a successful professional network are derived from basic principles of personal responsibility, social authenticity, and genuine engagement.

Keep It Organic

Focus on being authentic and steer clear of forced or transparent interaction. Put priority on face time and remember that mobile or online communication can only go so far to cultivate a genuine relationship. Be present when you are having a face-to-face exchange with someone; avoid checking your mobile device too often, and stay engaged in what’s being discussed.

All Work, No Play?

Even though a professional network is focused on work based collaboration, finding another connection outside the office can be crucial to leaving a lasting impression. Connection on a person-to-person level is a priority when it comes to real engagement.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Don’t insulate yourself in a small network. While it might satisfy your comfort zone to run in the same circles, sometimes stepping outside the norm is pivotal. Taking a risk usually pays off. The more you diversify your network, the more potential your connections will have to broaden your horizon with varying opportunities.

Keep in mind when making network connections what your long-term goals are – what direction you want to head in professionally, and which are the smartest relationships to invest time in, and you’ll build a network of unmatched value.