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Content Creation by US-Based Writers

Can you outsource content creation overseas? Absolutely!

But we don’t.

There’s no substitute for the conversational style of writing only a US-based writer can write.

Smart Content Strategy Get Better Results

Publishing content out the wazoo… but still not getting results?

You’re not alone.

Content marketing works best when you start with a smart strategy.

Connection Through Content

Content marketing is about more than beating some algorithm to get traffic.

It’s about connecting to create loyal customers.

Great content engages people who have a problem you can solve like nobody else.

Telling Your Story, Your Way

We probably don’t have the insider scoop on your industry.

But that’s a good thing.

Your prospective customers don’t either. Simple, engaging content gets your message across so they understand and take action.

Is This SEO Writing?

Yes and no – but it’s much more than that. Everything your business publishes online needs to be search engine optimized, of course. But every word needs to be written in a way that pleases your human readers as well as Google. That means writing in a fluid, conversational style to keep your readers’ attention long enough to get them to take action. The big goal is to help your prospects come to know, like, and trust you. Content is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Who We Write For

Triumph Communications works with Internet marketers, SEO companies, small businesses, and marketing strategists.

When you partner with Triumph Communications, your business benefits from our unrivaled connections, expertise, and effectiveness. In short, we provide you with top-notch content so you can compete better online, grow your business, and make more money.

It’s no wonder most content marketing stinks.

Writing for these dual audiences is an involved process. You’ve got to write for real people AND the search engines. And with Google’s constant algorithm shifts, what worked for your business yesterday probably doesn’t work today – or worse yet, may endanger your site. Knowing what works, what doesn’t work, and whether new trends will ultimately help or hurt your online presence requires staying on top of the industry’s constant evolution.

SEO Content

We provide a TON of content to clients every month, and have been at it since 2005. We work with some clients directly, and as white label providers for others. Our team includes content creation experts and trainers, dedicated project managers, subject matter experts, and staff writers experienced in a wide range of niches. Just a few of these niches include:

  • HVAC
  • Human Resources
  • Medical and Dental
  • Finance
  • Mortgages
  • Insurance (life, health, auto)
  • Small business
  • Marketing
  • Computer software
  • Real estate
  • Personal development
  • Martial arts
  • Environmental consulting
  • Workplace safety
  • Health and wellness
  • and more

Meet the Triumph Team

U.S. Based Writers
Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson


I look pretty smug there, don’t I? Probably just crafted a line of text so brilliant, so engaging, so perfectly-wrought that I’m about to go and torture everyone around me by making them read it (over and over).

Susan Anderson started Triumph Communications in 2005 upon realizing this Internet thing was here to stay and that there sure was a lot of horrid content already clogging it up. She started off as a solo writer, creating so much content she rose to the top spot on Guru. That was enough to build some confidence and credibility, and she decided Triumph should serve more and better clients… and that she couldn’t do it alone. Switching to an agency model made bigger wins possible – for the clients and the writers. She’s the author of Working Writer, Happy Writer and Choice Words for Local Marketers among other books, and has trained hundreds of freelance writers how to build businesses of their own.

Jessica Salas

Jessica Salas

Writer, Project Manager, Right Arm

Farm girl, mom-to-4 and coffee-aficionado, Jessica has dreamed of being a writer since she was a little girl. After receiving an English degree and her Master’s in counseling, she started writing for Triumph in 2007 in order to stay home with her four children. These days, she manages blog projects, writes eBooks, press releases and more, in between checking on her farm animals and brewing her beloved coffee beans in her French press.

Kara Cardoza

Kara Cardoza


Work hard, play hard! You really CAN write from anywhere.

Certified word nerd and grammar nazi, brandishing an English degree, Kara left Corporate America to pursue a more balanced life. She began by hiring Susan to help establish her writing business, create a portfolio, and land her first clients. Susan grabbed her up in a second. Kara especially enjoys working on projects that force her to learn and grow.

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

Writing Ninja for Top Secret Projects

When Brian isn’t writing like the wind he can usually be found underneath the business end of a ratty old Ford pickup, where he often has a puzzled look on his face since he doesn’t own a Ford pickup. When not living in his alternate reality he enjoys the company of his wife, his two old cats, and riding his Harley Fatboy. Not necessarily in that order.

Sara Turner McCann

Sara Turner McCann

Writer and Editorial Calendar Creator

Sara is mom to twins and a singleton (only mothers of multiples also use the word singleton). She’s also an amateur photographer, animal lover, dog enthusiast, and craver of all things chocolate. With a degree in Communications and Fine Art, Sara started writing for Triumph when she decided that staying home with her kids would be much less expensive than paying for daycare. And more rewarding, too. Sara writes blogs and wrangles the editorial calendars into shape every month. In her spare time she is the Marketing Co-Director of a non-profit organization and also volunteers for a giant-breed dog rescue.

Hilary Ferrand

Hilary Ferrand


Hilary Ferrand began writing product reviews and parenting articles all the way back in 1999. Recently seen leaving her laptop, with broken crayons and candy wrappers trailing behind her, she’s considered both curios and cantankerous. If sighted, please contact the appropriate authorities at 423-218-9142.

Bret Lawrence

Bret Lawrence


Bret spends most weekdays being dragged through the streets of Brooklyn by several excited canines. As a dog walker in Park Slope, Bret gets to stay active and more importantly, work with animals on a regular basis. She also enjoys playing music on guitar, ukulele, and piano; her latest goal is to somehow get an upright in her 4th floor walkup – any suggestions on how to do that?

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