A Content Provider You’ll Love So Much, You Might Even Send Bacon

You Just Found Your New Content Provider.

Our goal as your content provider is to make getting all the words you need to market your business as hassle-free as possible. That even includes getting the information from your head onto the screen – as if you’d written it, but with far fewer headaches.

Chances are, we’re not experts in your niche.

And that’s a good thing, because neither are your prospective customers. If you can explain what makes your business practically superhero-like, we can convey that to your target market the way they speak (and it’s a pretty good bet they don’t use the jargon and acronyms you and your team fling around daily). Once we agree to work together, if you’re looking for thought-leader kinds of content, we’ll schedule interview time so that we can write intelligently (borrowing your brain!) about your ideas. If your content needs are a bit less intense, we may even have a writer on-staff who’s written for your industry before – and that means virtually turnkey content for you.

Think your business is too boring to write about?

Let us be the judge of that! You wouldn’t believe some of the business niches we’ve written for since 2005, starting with a series of over 1,000 articles about t-shirts. The only niche we’ve done that was truly too awful to do again was surgical microscopes… so if that’s your business, we can make a referral to some writer we hate (just kidding, we DO have someone, and he’s lovely – very strange, but lovely).

Don’t know where to start with your content marketing strategy?

We can help you with that, too. The main philosophy here is that you should be able to slice and dice the content we create first so you can get more mileage from it. Content projects can be repurposed, reformatted, and republished to squeeze every last drop of value from them – all while helping move your prospects further into your sales funnel.

Oh, and not kidding about that bacon. 

Of course, we’ve got to make sure we’re a fit, right? Send a message to tell us about your upcoming project.

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