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Do You Have a Book Inside You?

“This person wrote the book on _____________.”

We like to call this the Mother of All Business Cards.

Imagine what having your name on your own book could do for your business. As a published author, you have instant credibility in the eyes of your prospects.

We’ve helped literally hundreds of business owners get published, and we can help you, too.

The best news is, the whole process is virtually painless for you, and with your cooperation, you could be holding your very own book within just a couple of months.

Sue, I cannot thank you enough for the guidance, support, and excellent work you did to help me create my Custom Club Get Your Book PublishedFitting eBook, “The Fit Is IT!.”  At the start you gently encouraged me to take on this work, something I had never dreamed could be done.  You made it easy to get from a raw unfinished document to a real eBook – something that I will be proud to have published.  And your efficiency by which you responded to my requested editing changes, and your easy way to “just doing it!” made a huge difference in how easy it became to make this dream happen.  Thank you for everything!
Tony Wright, Game Improvement Golf

Once you’re in print, you can use your book to market your business.

Every business owner is an expert. Why not leverage your expertise into a book or ebook and boost your credibility, build a stream of passive income, and get an easy way to fill your prospect funnel all at the same time?

Triumph offers ghostwriting and author fulfillment services, taking your idea, draft, or finished manuscript from wherever you are in the book process and delivering a polished, professional ebook or paperback copy of your book.

Why do you need your own book?

  • Distinguish yourself as an expert… instantly
  • Use that expert status to get your ideal clients calling you
  • Blow your competition away by your sudden celebrity
  • Build a whole new passive income stream
  • Use your book as the ultimate business card

Barriers to writing and publishing your own book:

  • Even just creating a Table of Contents takes hours and hours
  • While some experts can write a few pages on any given topic, it doesn’t take long before you’ll feel like you don’t have anything more to say – or you become convinced nobody’s going to want to read what you’ve written
  • Any excitement you have about writing a book fades fast, and you’re left wondering why you ever thought this would be a good idea.
  • Despite your best intentions of sticking to a writing schedule to get this thing done, you come to dread those writing appointments and look for ways to bump them from your schedule.
  • Even if you manage to get a first draft completed, you’ll soon realize you’re nowhere near being done.
  • When it comes to the editing phase, how will you know how to polish and perfect the manuscript… would it even make sense to someone else reading it?
  • Then, if you make it through editing, you’ll find out all that was involved in actually getting your book from computer to print… getting a cover designed, formatting the book for print, getting an ISBN number, ordering a garage-full of books…
  • Most finally give up on the whole book project idea… and the few who finish it swear they’ll NEVER try writing a book again.

Which is a shame, because having a book – especially one with the credibility that comes with having it available for sale on Amazon – is one of the best possible ways to grow your client list.

Here are four profit-producing benefits my book ghostwriting clients enjoy:

  1. Unbelievable instant credibility. They’re getting more respect from their clients than they even dreamed they’d get. It makes sense though… don’t YOU seek out experts? Wouldn’t you be more likely to hire a recognized expert who “wrote the book” on their field?
  2. Positive media recognition and publicity. Trying to get the press to pay attention to you (unless you do something bad!) isn’t always so easy. But if you’ve got a book, you can get book reviews, feature articles, and interviews. An author is almost always a great guest for a radio or TV interview. You can’t pay for this kind of advertising!
  3. They charge higher fees now that they’ve got a book. Clients are willing to pay more for an expert – and you’re an expert if you’ve got a book. With your book you have instant proof that you know what you’re talking about. Just adding “author” to your credentials ups the perception of your expert status.
  4. They’ve got a stream of passive income coming in. People do NOT want to have to work hard to educate themselves about your industry and services. But they will read (and buy!) a book that explains this information in plain English so the average person can understand.

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